How & Why the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Began?

The Iowa-Grant School District was formed in 1958. Since that time hundreds of students have graduated, many residents have proudly raised successful children here and others with ties to the area simply have a passion for supporting education.  Folks like to give back to their communities, especially if there is an established, professional way to do it.

In the 1990’s, J. Bruce Bradley, Superintendent at the time, was encouraged to establish a way for donors to give gifts of money and property to the district.  One such donor couple was Tom and Mary Jane Limmex who had recently gifted property to the district that was eventually turned into an amazing endowment which continues to grant a very generous scholarship annually. This was the impetus to get a foundation officially started.

So in 1999, Mr. Bradley formed a steering committee which included Lois Alton, Peggy Biddick, Bob Bishop, Dr. Richard Bristol, Dr.Dennis Carr, Robert Day, Tammie Engelke, Glenda Faull, Francis Fry, Ron Haas, David Kalish, Dr. Robert Klindt, Ellen Lindner, Tom Moffett, Jim Neuendorf, and Kelly Ritchie.  Formal by-laws were drawn up, officers were elected, more donations were received and fundraising began.  In 2001, the first scholarships were proudly given out to 5 students for $500 each.

To date (May 2024) 60 grants totaling over $39,355 have been awarded to student and classroom projects and 230 scholarships valued at $246,620 have been awarded to Panther graduates in support of their post-secondary education.  Six families have established endowed scholarships while eight others continue to give memorial scholarships annually.  There are also three Excellence in Education (EIE) endowed funds for classroom projects.

Now many Iowa-Grant supporters have an avenue to give back for the educational gifts and opportunities they themselves received here.  This is an exciting opportunity, helping to fortify Excellence in Education now and for generations to come.  Please join us as we continue to strengthen this Foundation.
All contributions are tax exempt.

Our Mission
---- Scholarships
To provide scholarships for graduating high school seniors and  work to ensure that Iowa-Grant graduates receive        encouragement and have opportunity to pursue post-secondary education.
---- Educational Enrichment
To support innovative and creative projects that inspire both Iowa-Grant students and teachers in the pursuit of educational excellence within the Iowa-Grant School District.
---- Family Enrichment
To provide ways to strengthen and support families, so that education becomes an attainable shared endeavor.