TOP photo is the Missoula Summer Theater cast, which was held in July 2016 at the Iowa-Grant Elementary/Middle School, featuring 60 IGEMS students with their Missoula crew 

Excellence in Education Grant Information

What type of projects are encouraged?
Projects or activities that support innovative and creative ideas that inspire both students and faculty to achieve educational excellence and/or provide ways to strengthen and support families (e.g. parenting classes) so that education becomes an attainable shared endeavor.  

What qualifications are required to apply for grants from the Iowa-Grant Eductional Foundation (IGEF)?
Only those persons directly connected to the Iowa-Grant School District may apply for grants.  The IGEF accepts only those projects for consideration that are not within the scope of the district or county responsibility and that are not typically funded by tax dollars.

Those eligible to apply include:
1) Any Iowa-Grant staff member.
2) Any Iowa-Grant student with the sponsorship of an appropriate Iowa-Grant staff member (preferable 3 or more students).
3) Any business, parent group or community based organization in collaboration with an Iowa-Grant staff member.

Grants Due October 1st and March 1st
(The Board may consider other requests throughout the year.)
To fill out an application, download the WORD document below.
Both typed and handwritten downloads are available for your convenience.  
Send handwritten applications to: IG Superintendent, Stephanie Hubbard, 498 Cty Rd IG, Livingston, WI 53554.
Typed applications should be attached to an email to: shubbard@igs.k12.wi.us

History of Grant Awards

IGEF presented its first grant in 2002.  To date, 35 grants totaling over $20,513.33 have been awarded in support of projects proposed for the benefit of IG students and their school.  There is incredible breadth in these grants, which have ranged from a Shakespearean experience for high schoolers; a presentation stage in a 6th grade classroom; support for students to attend Trees for Tomorrow; Reading is Fundamental Family Night; and engagement of the Missoula Children's Theater for a summer experience for elementary and middle level students, to name just a few.

Thanks to so many of you who have chosen to support the youth of the Iowa-Grant District.  You truly do make a difference.

$163.32 - Egg Hatching
$900.00 - Welcome to our School
$1,000 - Superior Coastal Climate Camp

$800 – Trees for Tomorrow  – Winter trip for 7th graders
$800 – Imathimation for K-6th graders and their families
$80  - Pi Day Celebration – High School math students
$400 – Field trip to Black Earth Children’s Museum & Cobb Fire Station – Kindergarten
$1000 – Trees for Tomorrow – Fall trip for 7th graders

$850 – Visiting Author, Rick Chrustowski for April 2017
Iowa-Grant History Books given “with thanks and appreciation” to all I-G employees, totalling over 120.

$1200 – IGEMS Experimental School Garden
$500  – Trees for Tomorrow field trip
$1000 – Updates to the IGEMS Library
$1000 – Missoula Children’s Theatre Project
$1350 – Beautification Project at IGEMS

$500 – Trees for Tomorrow field trip
$500 – Visiting Author: Jonathon Rand
$320 – 6th Grade Classroom Stage

$500 – Trees for Tomorrow field trip
$375.48 – Reading is Fundamental – Family Fun Night

$500 – Trees for Tomorrow field trip
$200 – PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions Signs) for IGEMS

$400 – Trees for Tomorrow field trip

$250 – IGEMS Title 1 Reading for 3 MP3 players plus several audio books
$225 – IGHS Student Health Class Project in conjuction with UW-Platteville Health Project

$474.53 – Compound Microscope & Digital Microscope Camera with matching grant

$400 – Guidance Dept to purchase videos for promoting family activities
$500 – Trees for Tomorrow field trip

$400 -  IGEMS Mini-Stars

$400 – Science Equipment with matching grant

$200 – Second Grade Recess Buddies Project

$575 – Sophomore Honors Communication Class presented “Play Along with Shakespeare”  
            puppet play to 400 students, teachers and community members.
This is a listing of the grant questions to be filled out in the
downloadable WORD and PDF documents below.
Name of Applicant or Group  
Project Leader(s)                                                       
Address                                                   City                                                          State              Zip  
Day Phone                                                                 Evening Phone
Email Address

Project Title
Select One (underline one)     Staff Enrichment                Student Enrichment                     Family Enrichment
Project Start Date                                                          Project End Date
Amount of Funding Requested … $                              When are the funds needed
How would funds be spent if only partial funding was granted?

1.  Present a line item budget including project expenses & income sources. 
2. Do you presently have or are you seeking any other funding sources involved with this specific project?  If so, from whom?
3. What are the needs this project will address?  Explain the significance of the needs.
4. Who is the project intended to benefit?  Are the benefits measurable?
5. List the specific goals and objectives of the project and the activities to accomplish them.
6. What are the estimated number of students, staff and families who will benefit?
            Directly…Students ________________ Staff __________________ Families ____________________
            Indirectly.Students ________________ Staff __________________ Families ____________________
7. How will this project have a positive lasting impact on students, teachers and/or families?
8. Who will be carrying out this project and what are their qualifications to do so?
9. What potential is there for sustaining this project after the Foundation Grant has ended?  If it is not sustainable, what is the potential impact of the project beyond the grant period?  How will the impact be evaluated?

Must be completed for Staff Enrichment or Student Enrichment grants.

1. In what ways does this project provide for a creative and innovative approach to achieving educational excellence?

Must be completed for Family Enrichment grants.
1. How does this project provide ways to strengthen and support the family unit?
2. How does this project encourage parents to be actively involved in their parenting responsibilities?
3. Are there activities that include both parent and child?  (Please list)
4. What type of integration and follow through will there be with school staff?

All grants must be approved and signed by the District Administrator before the IGEF Board of Directors will consider them for funding.  Hand written or typed WORD forms are to be forwarded to:
IG Superintendent, Stephanie Hubbard, 498 Cty Rd IG, Livingston, WI 53554
email:  ​SHubbard@igs.k12.wi.us

Signature                                                                                           Date


PDF document to be hand written.

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WORD document to be hand written. (You must have Microsoft WORD on your computer to use this download)

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WORD document to type directly into the document. (You must have Microsoft WORD on your computer to use this download)

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